About Us

Founded and owned by dancer/choreographer Brooke Hughes and Deni Sudbeck, B.Xtreme Dance Studio is a result of Brooke’s desire to give back to the area from where she got her start.

B.Xtreme’s philosophy represents a unique and positive learning environment where dancers can have fun, be creative, and experience the incredible art of dance. Our dance studio in Norfolk, NE encourages dancers to take the disciplines of dance into their everyday lives by helping to build self-confidence, good self-esteem, and a passion for living. All teachers and students are treated with respect and are encouraged to always give their very best in every dance class.

Every week at B.Xtreme Dance Studio is a new experience, where dancers never stop learning and ALWAYS have fun! Designed with a large variety of classes and dance levels, the studio is a great center for dancers to express themselves freely and develop their dance skills at their own pace. B.Xtreme offers a unique program where the students are leveled, matching each student to a class of their ability and age group. For example, a student may be in a different level for jazz than tap or hip hop dancing.

Our dance studio offers classes for approximately 2 years to adult students. Classes are available for recreational dancers, those interested in taking dance for fun and exercise, as well as competitive dancers and those looking to pursue dance as a professional career.

Our studios are complete with full mirrors, ballet barres, and floating dance floors. B.Xtreme teachers have had extensive dance training and teaching experience. All instructors receive ongoing training in order to bring the most up-to-date technique and choreography to the dancers.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why should my dancer attend B.Xtreme?

B.Xtreme offers a wide variety of technically correct instruction and the latest dance choreography. Brooke has the ability to break down steps and dance moves so the students can easily learn, helping them improve at a fast pace. She has also had extensive training to correct technique, so the dancers will see immediate improvement. Suzanne Richebacher will provide professional ballet training. Not only is ballet the basis for all dance styles, it has been proven that kids who train with professional focus routinely have better academic success and demonstrate better coping skills in handling life’s challenges.

How do the classes differ from other studios?

The dancers are placed in classes according to their ability as well as age level. This means, students may be at a different level in one style of dance than another. This enables instructors to teach the students the skills they need in order to gain quick results.

Do the instructors receive ongoing training?

The instructors receive ongoing instruction from conventions and master workshops. Amaris has had a professional dance career as well as a teaching career that has spanned over 20 years.

How does the price compare to the other studios?

Our class prices are less than other studios offering the same degree of instruction in the Omaha and Lincoln area. We are comparable to other studios in the area.